Conception and production

Our expertise in knitting engineering, acquired in very high-end clothing, allows us today to explore your most innovative ideas and your most astonishing creations.


Following the different stages of the study, we launch the production processes in our factory, whether for small or medium quantities.

Standardization, grading and pre-production

The models are standardized and graded according to your technical file in order to launch the production.

Our unified structure offers continuous control throughout production

on the production stages

to respond to your unforeseen circumstances


There are several knitting techniques : 

  • Basic knitting consists of knitting panels which, after processing, will be cut. 
  • Shaped knitting: the panel is knitted in its final assembled form. 
  • Seamless knitting: the sweater is knitted in 3 seamless dimensions with an outstanding comfort.
Diversity of techniques

Our experience allows us to offer complex and varied knits, using cutting-edge techniques with fancy materials.

Legacy of expertise

Our latest generation machine park as well as the local historical expertise allow us to work on complex, fragile and unusual fibers.

Multiplicity of gauges. From gauge 1.5 to 16

Latest generation STOLL machine park


The assembly of the different parts that make up a finished product. We have several assembly techniques, from the simplest to the most sophisticated: overlocking, stitching, linking.


The most beautiful finish, unrivaled to this day. Our staff is trained from generation to generation in this assembly technique for all knitting gauges.

Assembly conclusion

At the crossroads between craftsmanship and industry, our staff strives to combine quality and productivity.

Cost regulation

Impeccable finish


This is a mechanical process which will bring out the characteristics of the yarn in accordance with the desired final style.

Respect of the environment

Our treatment cycles are environmentally friendly, without using solvent products.

Finishing conclusion

Thanks to the variety of materials we work with, our Finishing division represents one of the strengths of our company.

Strength #1 
To do the finishing on our premises

Strength #2 
Knowledge of the yarns treatments

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