Technical textile

Our branch dedicated to industrial products which provides mechanical or dimensional characterization to your items.

Machinerie de textile

Technical thread

Our machines and our expertise allow us to work with a multitude of fibers with specific characteristics.

High-Tech fibers

Dyneema, stainless steel, preox, kevlar...

Synthetic fibers

Polyester, polyamide, polypropilene...

Mineral fibers

Glass, basalt...

Natural fibers

Wool, cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, paper...

Fields of application

Our fields of application are especially diverse and are likely to evolve. We have already been able to produce for the aeronautics, automobile, boating and furniture sectors. We adapt to the needs of your industry to imagine alongside you the solutions for tomorrow.

Champs d'application automobile

Images of our achievements

Project study

Depending on your specifications, we find realistic and quantifiable solutions in terms of cost and feasibility. We select materials and techniques together in order to carry out a first conceptual approach.

Development of a prototype

In synergy with your teams, we iterate on the design of a prototype, taking into account technical, dimensional and cost constraints until a valid model is produced.


Depending on your target, we plan together the manufacturing of your product within the allotted time frame.

Control and shipping

Your products are carefully checked at each stage from production to shipment, before leaving our workshop. We manage shipping logistics.

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